LED Lift Shaft Lighting

With higher energy costs and an urgent need to protect the environment, switch to our LED shaft lighting today for a brighter and better future.

Amalgamated’s Shaft Lighting units provide payback on upgrades within one year and, depending on shaft size, an annual saving of between £265 and £1118 per lift shaft could be achieved*, compared with equivalent fluorescent installations.

The future-proof product which will reduce the end client’s carbon footprint and aligns to the new regulations.

*all figures are approximate and will depend on both usage and energy tariff pricing structure

Amalgamated’s LED Shaft Lighting Benefits

LED low energy
& high-efficiency
Ideally suited
for shaft lighting
Optimum light
& minimum glare
Economical & better
for the environment
For Shaft, Pit &
Motor Room applications
Emergency option
Dust, moisture &
Quicker to install than conventional lift
light fittings
cost reductions

*Fluorescent lighting ban September 2023*

The planet is not the only one to benefit from the fluorescent lamp ban. The gradual bans on inefficient light sources will lead to increased production of energy-efficient solutions. These ultimately help to significantly reduce energy costs.

Companies who use the soon to be banned halogen or fluorescent lamps will eventually need new light sources. Although fluorescent lamps may continue to be sold from stock, this supply is limited and there will no longer be a supply from the manufacturers

Upgrade today and start saving!

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